Malpani Ventures
MVP Programme for B2B SaaS

Pre-Seed funding of
Rs 50 lacs in
21 days

Hello b2b saas founders!

The 'MVP for B2B SaaS' programme is a pre-seed funding programme connecting Malpani Ventures and early SAAS builders

We aim to cut through the red-tape and get you early capital in a quick, easy and transparent fashion.

Who should apply?

Indian founders building B2B SAAS solutions at the MVP stage for India or the world

What will you get?

Pre-seed funding of Rs 50 lacs for 2.5% equityWe typically invest at the seed stage & reserve a substantial amount to follow-on in promising startups.
MVP represents our focused pre-seed stage investment programme in B2B SaaS. We will be long term partners in your company building journey.

Read our FAQs for more details below:

Day 0 – Application

Day 7 – Feedback

Day 14 – Go/ No go

Day 21 – Term sheet

Is this an incubator, accelerator programme?

No. This is a just a faster and easier way to raise your pre-seed round from Malpani Ventures which is a family office funding early stage innovation in India.


give us a chance

As this a truly MVP programme for us, we will be flexible about the scale & type of companies we will invest in !